The basic equipment’s for a modernized digital Fab Lab (i.e., 3D Printer, CNC Milling Machine, Laser Cutting, Vinyl Plotter, PCB milling machine, Hand tools and bench-top machines etc.) will be purchased and a Fab Lab will be established at the university. Workshops will be organized for the students and faculties to inform them the facilities of Fab Lab.

Training program on the use of different machines and equipment’s of Fab Lab will be organized. The developed Fab Lab will be accessed by faculties and students from different departments of the university to share their innovative ideas and collaboration. Workshops will be arranged for the students of other university/institute and communities about the use of Fab Lab. Collaboration of joint research with the industries will make through the discussion with potential local industries. The facilities of Fab Lab to develop new product and joint research will be described to the industries to encourage them about the use of Fab Lab facilities for their production or research purpose.

Discussion will also make about the marketing of new products developed by using the Fab Lab. Training program for the faculties both in local and foreign will be arranged to gather knowledge about the latest innovation of others universities and countries. Collect information about the others Fab Lab of different countries and contact with them to make a network for sharing innovative ideas and technology.

A guidelines will be prepared for the use of Fab Lab for the students of this university, others university/institute, communities and collaborated industries. Since this is an engineering university, the students of different departments can do their project/thesis, research and innovation works using the facility of Fab Lab. Now the students have to move different places to collect their required parts, which generally discourage them to works on new ideas. The students of Architecture department are making their model manually, the existence of Fab Lab will expand their design capacity and release them from manual model making, which encouraged them to establish more innovative model.

The students of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department and Computer Science & Engineering Department will be able to fabricate more complex circuitry using Fab Lab which will encourage them to involve more in research activities. The students of Mechanical Engineering Department will be able fabricate their necessary parts using Fab Lab. Similarly the students of Industrial Production Engineering Department, Textile Engineering Department, Civil Engineering Department and others engineering Departments and Science Department can make their necessary model and parts using Fab Lab which will enhance the innovation capacities of the university.

In our lab, individuals who can envision an idea will have access to a variety of technologies which will allow them to produce an end product with the aid of computer-aided design and desktop manufacturing technologies. It is expected that this project will be able to establish a modernized digital Fab Lab in the University which will be a common platform for research, project/thesis and innovation works of students, faculties, collaborators and communities. It is also expected that through the joint research with industries we will be able to develop and marketing new products. We already discussed with the BMTF, Electro-group, Walton and PRAN-RFL for joint research and development of new products and they have showed their eagerness about joint research. We hope we will be able to make the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).